Drum Foundry enters its 12th year!

Posted by Eric Sooy on 12/1/2016 to News
Once again we introduce to you a new ecommerce site. It's always my goal to make transactions easier, quicker, and more secure. Just think, Drum Foundry has been going now for almost 12 years! While our selection of products and services has changed over the years, our commitment to quality and honesty is always a first priority. I'd like to point out a few thingadings:

1. Yes, we are putting a big emphasis on solid snare drum shells. Anyone can sell a tension rod, but there are only a few doing solid shells now. Our snare shells are made with the finest woods from around the world. Hand-picked, hand-bent, and finished with the aid of CNC technology. They are the finest aftermarket snare shells that have ever been available.

2. We are still one of the only resellers of the Keller Magnum series shells. You can get them either ready for edges, or pre-edged by us.

3. Our drum wrap offerings are coming to a close. The business that took our raw materials and laminated them into finished sheets (not Delmar btw) closed down recently. An alternative is being sought, but due to the highly specialized nature of this process, we haven't had any success yet in doing so. We have no plans on offering the Delmar material at this time. If you are interested in purchasing any of our remaining inventory, give us a call. We'll see what's left after the vultures have had their share!

Welcome to 2017, and happy drum building!