Keller Magnum Ply Drum Shells

We offer Keller maple drum shells that are cut to the size that you specify. We also offer bearing edge cutting (modern or vintage style).

Approximate thicknesses of Keller shells are:
  • 9 ply Magnum - 0.4 inches or 10 mm
  • 7 ply Magnum - 0.25 inches or 6.4 mm
  • 5 ply Magnum - 0.21 inches or 5.3 mm
    Thicknesses are approximate and may be thicker or thinner. Shells are shipped as received from Keller Products.

If there is a size you do not see here, please contact us, because not all available sizes are listed on the website.

  • Please note: the only type of Keller shells we sell are listed below. For other types please contact Keller Products.
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